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Titanium diboride powder grinded to microns with our unique grinding technology.

We grind solids of one size in microns without sieving.

Our unique dynamic grinding technology gives us good purity of the output solids with higher percentage of needed particle size in microns than any other technology on the market.

Our grinding units are saving your money on input solids because we are getting one size micron output particles from a 100% input solids.

There is no such other grinding technology that will give you the same results.

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Titanium diboride (ТiВ2)
Mohs hardness - 9,5

The results are given for 100% initial product provided by the customer.
We've got such numbers without sieving the particles.

Q3(d) - particles dimensions ratio, % Particle diameter (µm)
5 0.37
10 0.44
25 0.68
50 1.49
75 2.55
90 3.59
95 4.21
99 5.26
99.9 6.36

These results were obtained in accordance with the customer's Terms of Reference. This particular order required TiB2 particles less than 1.6 µm in amount of more than 50%.

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